Price Information

Price Information

Wildlive Adventures, Vasselsjön 5, 71493 Kopparberg, Zweden

Bed & Breakfast room

950 SEK for a double room one night incl. breakfast, towels and linens

Yurt (4 persons)

4000 SEK per week. 750 SEK per night incl. Cleaning and linens. Excl. breakfast.


2 hours incl. Tea and coffee 750 SEK per person

4 hours incl. Coffee and tea and a grill lunch 1500 SEK per person

Wild safari

200 SEK per person (two hour trip)

Fishing trip

Price on request.


Price on request.


Price on request.

Ice fishing

1000 SEK per person incl. Lunch, coffee / tea (about 7 hours depending of the season)

Snow shoe hiking

1 hour 200 SEK per person.

4 hours 575 SEK per person.




350 SEK (max 4 persons)

Rowing boat

0-4 hours 250 SEK

Full day 400 SEK

Grill cabin

50 SEK per hour




Slow cooking: 300 SEK per person. Incl. meal (3 to 4 hrs)


Tin wire braiding: 500 SEK per person including materials, coffee / tea and cakes (Swedish Fika)

(3 to 4 hours).



BBQ box

250 SEK per person incl. Rent grillstuga.



Package deals

Package deals are available. Call or email us for more information