Hunting in Sweden does not take place in large groups, but in a fair way with only one or two hunters. The hunters try to locate wildlife by examining tracks, droppings and the vegetation, This small scale approach relying on expertise provides the animals with a decent chance during the hunt.

Hunting is not just for fun, although it´s naturally very exciting. Of course all the fresh meat on the table is not to be sneezed at either.

With us you can experience hunting. You are led through the woods by our hunters who want to share their knowledge with you. They can point you to traces and identify which animals live in a particular area.

Hunting is not a sport in Sweden, but a serious business and necessary for the maintenance of the forests and the wildlife. You become a hunter only after an extensive study and passing an exam. Swedish hunters have a lot of knowledge of the forests and the wildlife. Every hunter must do a shooting exam every year to maintain his/her hunting permit.

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